Board Meeting Minutes: 10/11/14

Board Meeting Saturday October 11, 2014 10am
Lower Lake Schoolhouse Museum
Officers & Directors present: Voris Brumfield, John Parker, Bonnie Skee, Jackie Ridgel, Kevin Ness, Phil Smoley, Val Onellion & Nick Voegtly.
Committee Chairs & Guests present: George Stimson, Kevin Engle & Vonn Fuqua.
Voris brought the meeting to order at 10:09am & led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Minutes: The minutes of the August 9, 2014 were opened for discussion. John moved to approve as written, Jackie 2nd and the motion carried.
Kevin E asked if we could get a copy of the agenda prior to board meetings. Voris said that would not be possible however she could put it on facebook.
Nice Clubhouse: We again received a bill from Lake County Waste Solutions. John will arrange for them to pick up the can and discontinue the service. We also received a bill from Advanced Security for the alarm system. We had been told that Patricia Wilson had taken care of cancelling that service and that we were even going to get a refund. Voris will handle the alarm situation.
Everything needs to be out of the clubhouse by November 1st. Phil, John, Jackie and others will meet next Saturday to accomplish that. The player piano will be taken to Ely Stage Stop and George will take one piano. The piano that Kevin Engle acquired may need to go back to the family that donated it. Kevin will contact the donors.
Most of the items from the clubhouse have been moved to TNT Storage in Kelseyville along with items taken to the Ely Stage Stop & Gibson Museum. Gibson Museum has a temperature controlled room. We have been paying $20 per month for the storage facility and that may have recently increased to $40 per month. Neither Greg Dills nor our Treasurer, Coleen Blakey, was in attendance so we are not sure. The group would like to know if there would be a larger discount if we paid annually. Phil has a storage shed we can use temporarily if necessary.
The shed at the Nice location may be moved to Ely. Voris will let the County know that whatever is left, they can have.
Treasurers Report: Coleen sent a report to all of us due to the fact that she could not attend the meeting. We recently received donations of $525 as a direct result of the lifetime member letter that Voris sent.
John would like to move approximately $40,000 from our bank account to put in an investment account for the Ely Stage Stop that has done well for his family. The dividend on that amount would be about $5500 per year. Voris suggested possibly a portion of that. We need to determine how much of the funds in our account are for Ely. John agreed to be in charge of the account and monitor it. Jackie moved to put John in charge of that and to authorize our Treasurer to transfer the funds upon request, Val seconded and it was approved.
District Directors: Bob Kauffman submitted his resignation as District 1 Director. We will need to fill that position with someone that lives in that area. District 4 will be up for nomination and Phil Smoley said he is willing to stay on in that position.
Directors need to call members 3 weeks before our general meetings. Kevin E agreed to call the District 1 members for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner.
Website: George said he is a little behind getting items on the website but everything seems to be working fine.
Ely Stage Stop & Country Museum: The Blacksmith barn permit has been applied for and Greg is just waiting on the planning department.
The Fiddlers Jam donations are approximately $145 per month. John said the cost to run Ely is about $400 per month. That figure does not include insurance. Nick suggested a budget for the Historical Society, Ely & Gibson. We have no internet access at Ely at this time and need a wi-fi printer/copier.
The plaque for Randy Ridgel is ready and we need a date to have the dedication. Jackie will check with her family and let us know.
Events: Val reported that she made a deposit of $384 of which $339 were book sales from the Pear Festival, which was the best event this year. Val advised Phil that we need to make a book order, which he is aware of. Val was concerned about the Ely gas expenditures. She believes we need to revise the events as we are in need of fundraisers such as silent auctions & opportunity drawings.
There is a workshop on October 25th at Mendocino College, Lakeport on fundraisers from 9:30am to 12:30pm. The cost is $25 per person and the contact person is Wilda Shock.
Val would like to have some kind of event at Hoberg’s Resort next year.
Books: Phil gave each of us a very detailed book inventory report. Our book sales at the Lake County Fair totaled $301. Val will check with Twin Pines Casino to see if they are interested in selling our books. The events for next year will probably be Earth Day, Wild West Daze, Austin Park, Pear Festival and the LC Fair.
Digitalization: Kevin E will discuss scanning Mauldin’s notes with Linda Lake. A discussion ensued about Kevin taking the Pomo’s that a Gibson volunteer had been scanning. Voris explained that he should have discussed this with other officers before removing those items as there was no emergency. Val was upset with Kevin and Jackie told him that the LCHS does not operate that way. The Pomo’s are currently in Kevin’s car.
Kevin felt that he was in charge and he had the right to do it. Voris advised no member has the right to remove any items without approval.
Membership: Nick reported that we have 363 members of which 113 are lifetime members. He also passed out a survey that will be sent to members in the Pomo asking for their input.
Gibson Museum: Bonnie moved to change the signers on the bank account to the following:
Voris Brumfield – LCHS President
Pattie Hicks – Gibson President/Chair
Cheryl Higgins – Treasurer
Fred Castaldo – Financial Reports
Val seconded and all were in agreement.
The Gibson yard sale was a success as they made over $1000. Twin Pine Casino has offered their event tent for Gibson’s 1st year anniversary event early May 2015.
Vonn is still waiting for the rest of the job descriptions.
Our Thanksgiving dinner meeting will be November 16, 2014 at the Live Oak Senior Center in Clearlake Oaks. The price will be $15 for members and $18 for guests. Bernie Butcher, owner of the Tallman Hotel & Blue Wing Saloon, will speak on the “History of Upper Lake”.
Meeting adjourned at 1:25pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Skee
Recording Secretary