Meeting Minutes: 11/11/12

Lake County Historical Society
Board Meeting November 10, 2012
Nice Clubhouse 10am

Present: Jan Cook, Randy and Jackie Ridgel, Vonn Fuqua, John Parker, George Stimson, Nick Voegtly, Phil Smoley, Floraine Chalk, Catherine Quistgard, Patricia Wilson and Val Onellion.

Nick made a motion to approve the minutes of the 09/08/2012 meeting, Patricia seconded and the motion carried.

Spoke about not having an available Treasurer and what to do about it. Vonn said she was willing to take on the position if anyone was able to retrieve records/info pertinent to the job. Phil said he would contact Florence Peck this week as to this information and give her a little notice so she’s not blindsided.

Vonn also stated she is willing to fill this position for an interim period of time until we could find a person who is able and willing to do the job. Val suggested putting a request for a Treasurer needed in the Pomo Bulletin.

Nick turned on the computer to find “no virus protection” at this time and he took care of that today by putting it on his credit card and will submit a bill to Florence.

Then some more talk about the bookkeeping subject as we also need an accounting for the Ely project. So this really is a time sensitive subject. John made a motion for Phil to contact Florence to prepare her for the fact that we will be looking for a new treasurer, Nick seconded and the motion carried. Phil will announce at the General Meeting that we are looking for a new treasurer. Personal comment from Trish: I really love Florence and I hope she receives this information as a huge relief. Many of us agree.

Floraine Chalk will donate two turkeys, Randy will cook one and Nick will donate one. Floraine says we really need 5 turkeys. This comment is in regards to the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner.

Jan Cook will continue John Parker’s story of the history of Anderson Marsh and will also include a report on the Ely Stage Stop in each issue. Jan would like to change the format from business cards to a more easily legible printing layout however she does not know how to adjust advertising fees at this time, but will be working to solve it. She would also like to publish information in the Pomo about purchasing photos from the LCHS. We all agreed. January 25th is the deadline for the next Pomo.

Nick suggested we table this printing discussion until Jan can come up with a detailed proposal, referring to actual printing format and how or if that would affect advertising fees.

John suggested major contributors ($500 to $1000) be given one year free advertising and a subscription to the Pomo.

Nick handed out new call lists and instructions to directors.

John then gave a brief report on Ely and the ongoing work on the barn of which we have received over $2000 in donations for the cost of metal roofing. Vonn asked Jackie to write thank you notes to cash donors for roof supplies, Jackie agreed.

December 1st the docent/volunteers and any board members who are able to attend a Christmas decorating party at the Museum. It is also a thank you to all docent/volunteers who have given their time and effort. John made a motion that the LCHS provide pizza for approximately 30 people in the amount of $150 for the event, Jackie seconded and the motion carried.

Val made the valid point that this motion stands, but in the near future we need more clarification about funds and the disconnect of lack of information about any funds, coming in or going out.

BY-LAWS: We went through these article by article. Catherine started with article II – changed the last sentence to “regarding our physical and cultural history”. Article III – Membership 1. Individual 2. Joint 3. Small business 4. Corporate. Joint membership change to household membership (2 or more). Amounts of other types of membership yet to be determined.

Vonn stated that she is a lifetime member of a couple of other organizations and although she does not always attend their meetings, she does receive letters annually and bi-annually as to their ongoing projects and what they need support for. We all agreed that’s a great idea and we should adopt that as protocol. John suggested awarding honorary memberships and complimentary memberships for very generous donors (I was unclear about complimentary membership criteria).
Article V – Meetings: This states “a general meeting quorum shall be 12 members”. We talked about changing that to 10% of current/active members.

Also under Article V where it states: “no political, religious, or other organizational advertising shall appear in our publications” we all agreed that no political or religious advertising will stand however we may make exceptions for some organizations (ask Catherine for example) based on approval of the Board.

Article VI: Board members missing two meetings in one year should be dismissed unless they have a personal/family emergency. The Board can replace a member should the need arise due to death, resignation or if one should quit.

Officers: Second sentence should read: “the Board shall (instead of may) temporarily appoint a member to that office”.

Director at Large: voting issue and other specifics to be further defined. Also under Article VI the Board decided to remove Assistant Treasurer.

Responsibility of assigning committees could and should be the duty of the 1st and 2nd Vice.

Article II: Signing authority/amounts of $ and number of signatures still in question.

Section 5 – We all agreed on this: Treasurer must be present at all Board meetings. Add this to section 5.

Section 6 – Assistant treasurer will be struck (removed from the by-laws) and all section numbers will move up accordingly. Add “Ely Chair” to bylaws.

Section 7 – Secretary shall read “recording secretary”.

There was a brief discussion about forming a financial review committee and possibly include 3 non check signers.

Any changes to be filed with the State if our “purpose” (mission) has been changed and include articles of corporations.

Meeting adjourned at 1:45pm.

Minutes recorded by Patricia Wilson, typed by Bonnie Skee