Meeting Minutes: 2/8/14

Board Meeting – February 8, 2014
Nice Clubhouse, 3000 Lakeshore Blvd, Nice, CA

Officers and Directors present: Voris Brumfield, Catherine Quistgard, John Parker, Bonnie Skee, Jackie Ridgel, Nick Voegtly, Phil Smoley, Floraine Chalk, Kevin Ness, Patricia “Trish” Wilson & Bob Kauffman.

Committee Chairs present: Kevin Engle, Greg Dills, Val Onellion, Tony Marchese, George Stimson & Lee Cook on behalf of Jan Cook.

Guests present: Vonn Fuqua & Pam Hendricks.

Our new President Voris Brumfield brought the meeting to order at 10:10am. Trish Wilson led the Pledge of Allegiance and introductions were made.

The minutes of the November 2, 2013 board meeting and the November 10, 2013 general meeting were opened for discussion. John moved to approve, Trish 2nd & all approved.

Voris provided each of us with a 2014 Event Schedule which includes board meetings, general membership meetings and events. Phil was asked to arrange for a speaker for our next general meeting March 23rd at the Lakeport Courthouse Museum.

Treasurers Report: Bonnie gave the treasurers report in the absence of our Treasurer, Linda Lake. Our 2013 income for the LCHS was $15,847. Income from Ely was $5,174 and Gibson brought in $20,609. The expenses for the Historical Society were $12,638.79. Ely’s expenses were $12,150.12 and Gibson’s expenses were $665.93. Linda also provided us with a profit and loss statement for 2013.

Our bank account balance in our money market account as of the end of 2013 was $74,626.26 and our working account bank balance was $8,250.77. Linda does not have a definite balance left in the Ely fund however at the end of 2012 that balance was $59,135.61. Approximately $5-$6000 was spent in 2013 for Ely buildings and improvements

Linda Lake also submitted a letter of resignation effective May 1, 2014 due to other commitments.

Trish moved to authorize the treasurer to write checks for events when necessary, Bonnie 2nd and all approved. Floraine has a money box she will give to Val for events.

Per our by-laws the following will be signers on our Bank accounts:

Voris Brumfield – President
Catherine Quistgard – 1st Vice President
John Parker – 2nd Vice President
Linda Lake – Treasurer
Bonnie Skee – Recording Secretary

John made a motion that Ely & Gibson become satellite book outlets of the Historical Society. The money will then come back to the HS treasurer. Catherine 2nd and a discussion about who gets credit for book sales ensued. It was determined that each group will get credit for their sales but the funds go into the HS bank account. The books have been moved to Phil’s office in Lakeport.

District Director Kevin Ness is interested in having his business be a wholesale outlet for our books. He will work with Phil Smoley who is our Books chair to arrange that.

The following are committee chairs:

Books: Phil Smoley
Nice Clubhouse: Trish Wilson & Val Onellion
Cable Car: Deleted as it will now be handled through Greg Dills at Ely Stage Stop.
Digitization: Kevin Engle
Events: Val Onellion
Ely Stage Stop & Country Museum: Greg Dills
Herndon Cemetery: Kevin Engle
Opportunity drawing: Floriane Chalk
Oral History: Val Onellion & Trish Wilson
Photo & Location: George Stimson & Sandy Collins
Pomo Bulletin: Jan Cook
Publicity: Open
Refreshments: Bonnie Skee
Scholarship: Tony Marchese
Website: George Stimson

Vonn sent Voris a recommendation for the duties of the 1st & 2nd Vice Presidents. Voris asked John and Catherine to confer and advise on that recommendation at the next board meeting scheduled for April 12th.

Voris has received job descriptions and responsibilities from most officers and directors. She needs one for the President, Corresponding Secretary and the District Directors.

Ely Stage Stop & Country Museum: Greg Dills reported that the Ely sign is nearing installation. The next barn will be the blacksmith shop and Greg would like the HS to match the $1000 donation that was received from Elizabeth Paddock. The projected cost of the structure is $10,000. Greg also wants to try to get other donations. Greg is looking for up to 1000 cubic yards of asphalt grindings for the road and parking area.

Pat Ridgel will be helping with the electricity. Greg received a donation of an antique gas engine that he is very excited about. Pam Hendricks has some Lake County 18 month calendars for sale for $10. I believe she sold all she had at our meeting. The Ely barn is on the cover of the Quilt Trail brochure.

Gibson Museum & Cultural Center: Al Neuman who was a resident of Middletown created some unique fencing when he lived there. After his passing the fencing went to Fort Bragg. Greg Dills was able to acquire it and picked it up in Fort Bragg some years ago. The fencing is now at the Ely Stage Stop however the Gibson Museum would like it returned to Middletown. John moved to return the fencing to Middletown once the Gibson Museum has a place to display it, except for the 2 pieces that have been installed, until they can be re-created. A second was made and all approved.

Bob Kauffman explained problems he encountered with 5 windows in the building. Chauncey Gibson’s great nephew donated the funds for new windows which have been installed. Voris said Bob has put in many hours to bring the building to where it is. He said they have a small environmental approved room for archives with a de-humidifier.

Bob also received a bid for the ADA ramp. The County gave them $15,000 for the ramp and door. The Hidden Valley Lake Garden Club is in charge of landscaping. He has ordered two 30 AMP antique light bulbs for $9 each. If they are what he hopes they are, they will be ordering more.

Two display cases were picked up in Lucerne and the black display case that was at the Nice Clubhouse was taken to Middletown along with 8 table top display cases. Those cases are on loan at this time. Calpine has donated 2 more ore carts that they plan to put in front of the Museum. Bob says the floor is stable and they are working on getting it level. The Gibson committee meets every other Wednesday.

Nice Clubhouse: There was a discussion on whether we are going to keep the Clubhouse. No decision has been made at this time. Val, Trish, Jackie, Lee Cook and maybe Ruby Glebe will inventory what we have there and what we can display.

Carnegie Library: Our proposal was the only one received by the City of Lakeport. We are interested and Phil will be in charge of following up on that.

Accession & De-accession: John will chair this and come back to the board with recommendations.

When Voris realized what kind of video camera we have been using for our speakers at meetings, she asked that we stop using it as it is not digital. We do need a new video camera and Kevin thinks they are about $250. It is also needed for oral histories. John pointed out that the people doing oral histories should be computer & video efficient.

Scholarships: Tony reported that we have $700 in the scholarship fund. John moved to allow $300 more from the HS and offer one $1000 scholarship this year. Phil 2nd and it was approved.
Membership: Nick presented his report for the 2013 Thanksgiving meeting. We had 10 households and 7 individuals renew at the meeting for a total of $305. We currently have 358 active members of which 116 are life members. Voris appointed herself along with Catherine, Nick and Jackie to work on what business and corporate memberships include. Also is there interest in including other Lake County organizations.

District Directors need to remind members of their expiration date when they make calls for upcoming general meetings. Vonn will do mass emails for events.

Website: George will work on getting all pertinent links on the website including events, Ely and Gibson. It was suggested that he change the background color occasionally.

Pomo Bulletin: Jan will move the bulk mail permit from Kelseyville to Lakeport as previously agreed. 2015 is LCHS 60th anniversary. Is it too early to start planning for any special events and promotions?

The next 2 Pomo’s will be on Pomo history and culture. Catherine would like a copy to go the local tribes. Val needs extras for events and Nick needs copies for new members. Jackie advised Lee Cook that we need to save 2 issues of every PB. Nina Bushta has been scanning PB’s to be put on the website.

Jackie will send a thank you for our former treasurer, Florence Peck.

Meeting adjourned at 2pm

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Skee
Recording Secretary