Meeting Minutes: 4/13/13

Board Meeting Saturday April 13, 2013 10am
Nice Clubhouse, 3000 Lakeshore Blvd, Nice

Present: Catherine Quistgard, John Parker, Kevin Engle, Nick Voegtly, Vi Smoley, Val Onellion, Kevin Ness, Vonn Fuqua, Jackie Ridgel, Bonnie Skee and Ruby Glebe.

The meeting was called to order by 1st Vice, Catherine Quistgard, in the absence of Phil Smoley at 10:05am. John led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of our last board meeting of March 2, 2013 were opened for discussion. John moved to approve, Nick 2nd and the minutes were approved.

We received a letter of resignation from our Treasurer, Florence Peck, who has served for many years and because of personal schedules she is no longer able to continue in that position.

Bonnie made a motion to nominate Linda Lake as our interim treasurer upon her taking possession of the tools necessary for the performance of the position, including but not limited to the check book, records and software. John 2nd and the motion was approved. It will now go before our general membership for final approval.

John moved to authorize Phil Smoley to purchase the software that Linda Lake needs to perform her duties as treasurer. Bonnie 2nd and the motion was approved.

There will be a second County fair this year from Friday, June 14th through Sunday, June 16th at the Lake County fairgrounds in Lakeport. By unanimous decision we decided that we would not have a booth at this event.

Vonn asked about Cal Star air ambulance service. Apparently if we sign up 15 people from the LCHS they will reduce the annual fee from $50 to $35 per year. Vonn does not want to be in charge of it, just looking for someone to handle the paperwork. John will discuss this at the upcoming Ely docent meeting.

By-law task force & Nominating committee: Tabled at this time.

Bonnie ordered a photo from our website through smug mug. The cost was only $.79 plus shipping and handling. Nick says he is also getting memberships online. Kevin Engle will talk to George about how to better price the photos.

Kevin Engle reported that George Stimson is not happy that he needs board approval to make changes on the website. John moved to let George know that he has approval to make changes on the website as needed, Nick seconded, all in favor.

Events Chair: Jackie suggested we try to find an events chair since Val doesn’t feel she is going to be able to continue due to health. We also need a committee chair to be in charge of locations and speakers for our general membership meetings.

Middletown Library Update: John reported that a second meeting in Middletown is scheduled for April 20th at 1:30pm in the new Middletown Library. Kevin Engle will attend. Two board members voiced their concerns about prior dealings with the Middletown group. John asked that we set that aside and also asked that those that are not in favor of this project to please not attend the upcoming meeting.

Scholarships: We have committed to one $500 scholarship, however we have received a $1000 donation specifically designated for scholarships. Tony Marchese polled the board and it was decided that we will award two $500 scholarships if there are two qualified applicants, or we will award one $1,000 scholarship to a really outstanding applicant.

Ely Stage Stop and Country Museum: John reported for Greg Dills that the barn is almost finished and is on budget. We have spent $16,034 plus $2,000 that was a donation for the barn. We originally approved $16,000. John has been working with the Past Perfect program cataloguing donations for the HS. The science camp is scheduled for May 4th.

Val suggested we get a plaque to hang at Ely thanking the Beckstoffer family. Kevin Ness offered to donate the plaque. Kevin E feels we need to dedicate each barn as they go up. A “picnic on the porch” fundraiser is scheduled for June 22nd. An executive committee has been formed for Ely.

Books: Vi reported she just received a large order from the Kelseyville Pharmacy. Since our books have been our main source of income, Kevin E is researching putting them online to be purchased through Amazon, however after a discussion we are not sure that we own the books.

Membership: Nick handed out calling lists for our upcoming meeting at Cal Pine on April 28th. We currently have 351 active members.

Val advised she is still planning to do oral histories but with Jodi Altic who is a docent at Ely. They are setting up a list of questions to ask.

Ruby has a list of sites where plaques have been placed in Lake County which she will get to John Parker per his request.

Meeting adjourned at 12:54pm
Respectfully submitted, Bonnie Skee
Minutes addendum to April 13, 2013

The following will be signers on our Bank accounts:

Linda Lake, Treasurer
Phil Smoley, President
Bonnie Skee, Secretary

The following parties will be removed as signers:

Yvonne Fuqua, former Treasurer
Florence Peck, former Treasurer

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Skee, Secretary