Meeting Minutes: 6/9/12

Lake County Historical Society
Board Meeting
Saturday June 9, 2012 10am
Nice Clubhouse, 3000 Lakeshore Blvd, Nice

Directors, Officers and Committee Chairs present: John Parker, Florence Peck, Jackie Ridgel, Randy Ridgel, Nick Voegtly, Kevin Engle, Floraine Chalk, Vi Smoley, Tony Marchese, Greg Dills and Bonnie Skee.
Guest: Vonn Fuqua

John Parker brought the meeting to order at 10:15am in the absence of President Phil Smoley.

The minutes of the April 22, 2012 Board Meeting were opened for discussion. Floriane motioned to approve as submitted, Nick seconded and minutes were approved.

Ely Stage Stop and Country Museum: Our annual picnic will be held at Ely on June 24th. Greg is working on having the inmates from the County clear the brush and weeds. He will try to get a horseshoe pit constructed. Our speakers will be John Parker, Randy Ridgel, Greg Dills and Greg Blinn and will possibly get Rob Brown and Kelly Cox to speak. Randy will arrange for a port-a-potty. We are looking for old washtubs or something appropriate for ice and drinks.

Greg reported that a permit from the State is needed for a 50/50 raffle. The Ely Core Group is being reconvened by Val Onellion.

A Science Camp was held a few weeks ago and had almost 90 students attend.

Greg Dills received a request to consider another museum on Highland Springs Road by Anna Ravenwoode for a price of $449,000. The request was unanimously declined.

Scholarship Update: Tony reported that our $500 scholarship was awarded to Rachel Sutton of Middletown High School. We had 14 applicants. Her essay was titled “Stage roots to romance to riches”. She had a total weighted 3.82 grade point average and also played varsity basketball, softball and volleyball. Tony will invite her to our picnic.

Audit: Tony will begin working with Florence on the 2011 audit on June 18, 2012.

Treasurers Report: Florence reported that our Westamerica Bank account balance is $1447.76 and the State Farm Bank money market account balance is $99,174.28. She will be making another transfer from the money market account to keep our working account balance above $3000 to prevent a service charge. Our recent expenditures are the Pomo Bulletin, Insurance premium and the cost of the new security system.

Fund Raising Ideas: Phil Smoley suggested we sell advertisements for the Pomo Bulletin in addition to the business card size we currently have. Nick will propose this to Pomo Bulletin editor Jan Cook. Phil as suggested an annual fund raising dinner and possibly increasing the membership dues.

A Budget Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 26th 5pm at Florence Peck’s office.

Membership Update: Nick reported that we have 436 active members of which 116 are life members and 3 are complimentary, therefore we have 317 dues paying members. We need to recruit for memberships.

Floraine asked Nick about a few people who are not getting their Pomo’s. Nick will check on it.

Books: Vi reported that she has an order from Kelseyville Pharmacy for $538.96.

Kevin moved to nominate Sheralyn Riewerts for Assistant Treasurer. Vonn reminded us that since she resigned as Treasurer, Florence is still the Assistant. Kevin revised his nomination to Florence Peck for Treasurer and Sheralyn Riewerts Assistant. Bonnie seconded and the motion was approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Skee