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Don’t Miss the Annual LCHS Picnic May 20, 2018! (Click on Image to Enlarge.)


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Meet Lillie and the Ladies of Lake County at the Gibson Museum

Lillie Langtry’s portrait, the one she used on the label of her wines, graces the mantel. One of her lavishly jeweled ball gowns takes center stage in Gibson Museum’s new display.

Lillie Langtry memorabilia is part of Gibson Museum’s look at living in the Middletown area as the 20th Century appeared. Lillie owned a huge ranch in Guenoc Valley from 1888 to 1906.

Other ladies’ labors are acknowledged with a few of the tools invented to make their lives easier: a hand-cranked wringer to ease laundry duties … a hand-iron with its own gas tank.

 Come in and see these and more.

Baxter Bell Berry, his wife and six children came by wagon train from Iowa and settled in Sebastopol in 1852.
Four of those six children later had significant influence on the growth of the Middletown area:
John Henry, the eldest, built the first house in Middletown.
Samuel opened a hotel and livery in Guenoc in 1866. Like most Guenoc businesses, Samuel moved to Middletown. He was briefly Constable. His toolbox is displayed at Gibson now.
Lutitia, the Berry’s youngest daughter, married Charles Marsh Young who commissioned the platting of Middletown. She was a strong partner in the operation of his landmark
Lake County House hotel.
Lamira married W. G. Cannon. Their granddaughter is memorialized as Minnie Cannon Elementary School.
Gibson’s next display with explore the history of Lake County’s wine industry, particularly in south Lake County. There were several vineyards here in the 1870s, and rumors of vintners even earlier. If you have early winemaking artifacts and memorabilia, we’d love to borrow it.

Our general meetings, the first Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m., are now being held in the Activities Room in the Community Center across the street. The room is larger, and more comfortable with tables and chairs for all participants. You’re all invited. The room is located between the Library and the Senior Center.

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