Part of our charter as custodians of historical artifacts and sites is to document them and to provide access to that documentation. The Digitization Project was created to document artifacts in an image and historical content database, and to create Internet access to this database.

This project is implemented in partnership with The Friends of the Lake County Museum (FLCM) to process all of the artifacts held by both the LCHS and the Lake County Museum. Computer, digitization, and other imaging equipment was communally purchased, and a Digitization Project Site is maintained at the Lake County Museum.

Historical photographs, or photographs of artifacts or sites are digitally scanned into a computer file and entered into a database along with any related historical documentation. The scanning, images touch-up, and documentation is performed by the project staff and volunteers.

Digitization Project Staff

  • LCHS: Member Member
  • FLCM: Pat Brown

Access to this database, allowing the public to virtually browse the artifacts in a variety of ways will be provided through the Internet at http://LakeCountyHistoricalSociety.net. Some of the proposed projects are:

  • A keyword indexed query and browsing system
  • Virtual galleries of related artifacts
  • Cross referencing with other databases, like genealogy
  • Virtual tours of historical sites
  • A planner that organizes physical tours of historical sites via maps, images, and GPS data


If you can photocopy a letter, you can scan a photograph! We literally have thousands of artifact photographs to scan, with more donated every year. We need your help to digitize and document them all.