Proposed Bylaws Changes 2013

Proposed Bylaw changes to be ratified by general membership vote at the Society’s annual potluck meeting June 30, Ely Stage Stop Museum. Proposed new wording is in bold print. Wording to be deleted is lined out.

(February 12, 2011)
(June 30, 2013)

The name of this organization is “Lake County Historical Society” (Hereafter referred to as “Society”).

The Lake County Historical Society collects, restores and preserves the artifacts and historic documents of Lake County. Our mission is to encourage the
preservation and interpretation of cultural resources (including historic
structures, prehistoric sites, and places of historic interest).
research and foster
education regarding our physical and cultural history.

There shall be two six classes of membership:
1. Individual
2. Joint Household
3. Honorary Life

4. Small Business
5. Large Business
6. Complimentary
Joint membership is two people at the same address. Memberships are not transferable.

Membership is not restricted to residents of the area. Each membership classification is entitled to one vote at all General meetings and a subscription to the Pomo Bulletin for a year. Members will be dropped from the rolls after 60 days for non-payment of dues .

The Board of Directors shall vote on awarding honorary life and complimentary memberships.

The membership mailing list shall not be given, loaned or sold to any person, organization or business for their personal use.

The Board of Directors shall set the dues for the classes of membership defined in Article III.

There will be at least four General meetings a year, each preceded by a Board of Directors meeting unless changed by the Board of Directors. A General meeting quorum shall be 12 members 10% of active membership.

No political or religious or other organizational advertising shall appear in any of the Lake County Historical Society publications, meetings or websites. All other organizational advertising is subject to approval of the Board of Directors. Letters, statements, or advocacy in support of the Society’s Mission are not considered political advertising.

The Board of Directors is comprised of the following officers and directors:
First & Second Vice-President s
Second Vice-President
Recording Secretary
Assistant Treasurer
Correspondence Secretary
Membership Chairman Chairperson
Five District Directors (also known as Trustees of the Corporation)
One Director-at-Large
The Board of Directors may add or delete officers titles as the needs of the Society dictate. Board members are nominated, elected and installed by a majority vote of the membership at attending a General meeting. Whenever there are more than two nominees, the nominee that receives a plurality vote is elected. Board members may serve any total number of terms. but are limited to two consecutive terms. A quorum shall be five one half of the Board members plus one. Board members, who do not attend three two consecutive Board meetings of the four required in a year, and who do not have a valid excuse as determined by the remainder of the Board, will be automatically dropped from the Board.

Each officer serves a two-year term starting from the General meeting when they were elected. When their term expires, or they die, resign, are dropped, or become incapacitated, the Board may temporarily appoint a member to that office. The appointee will fulfill the duties of that office until the next General meeting when an election can shall be held to confirm or replace them.

District Directors
Each District Director serves, for a five-year term representing one of the five Supervisorial Districts of Lake County where that Director resides. Directors are nominated, elected and installed at the last General meeting of the year and start their terms of office January 1 of the following year. Terms are staggered with one Director to retire each year. The first year of a Director’s term will coincide with the Directors number, or five years from the District number. For example:

District 1 – years ending in 1 & 6 (2011 & 2016),
District 2 – years ending in 2 & 7 (2012 & 2017),
District 3 – years ending in 3 & 8 (2013 & 2018),
District 4 – years ending in 4 & 9 (2014 & 2019),
District 5 – years ending in 5 & 0 (2015 & 2020).
Director at Large- years ending in 6 & 1 (2016 & 2021)

In the event any Director dies, is dropped or becomes incapacitated before the regular end of their term, the Board may appoint a member as a temporary replacement. Each appointee will represent that District as a voting Board member and Trustee of the Corporation until the next General meeting when an election can shall be held to confirm or replace them. Those elected will serve out the remainder of the term for that District. If no replacements for any Director vacancies are available from the corresponding Districts within thirty days, the Director-at-Large will represent each of those Districts as a voting Board member and Trustee of the Corporation.

Director at Large
The Director at Large can vote in the place of one absent voting director.
The Director-at-Large is emplaced by, and serves a term defined by the Board of Directors.


Section 1 General Duties
The duties of the Board of Directors shall be to act between meetings as requested by the President and in accordance with policies as established by the general membership. The Board of Directors shall determine the time and place of Board Meetings.

They may also discuss and make recommendations of election nominations or Bylaw amendments to the membership at the General meetings, but elections and amendments must be voted upon by the membership.

Section 2 Signing Authority
Signatures of the following officers, any two of which shall constitute proper endorsement , shall be placed at financial institutions for signing checks, time deposits accounts, and other financial documents as follows:
1. President
2. 1st Vice-President
3. 2nd Vice-president
4. Treasurer
3. Assistant Treasurer
5. Recording Secretary

Proper endorsement will be as follows:
For expenditures up to and including $500: Any one signature.
For expenditures in excess of $500: Any two signatures.

Section 3 The President
The President shall preside at the meetings of the Society and shall call special meetings either on the petition of five members of the Society, or at such times as required, in the President’s judgment, by the interests of the Society. The President shall appoint standing, or any other committees, as the work of the Society requires.

Section 4 The First and Second Vice-Presidents
The first Vice-President or, if absent, the Second Vice-President shall act in the absence of the President. The President may assign other duties to the Vice-Presidents.

Section 5 The Treasurer
No monies shall be expended otherwise until approvedal by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall receive and record all monies, bills, and expenses from the Assistant Treasurer and shall keep a correct and current record of all receipts and disbursements. The Treasurer shall pay the bills of the Society. Bills covering current operating or previously approved expenses should A Treasurers Report shall be read at all regular Board meetings and shall be approved by but need not be acted on by vote for approval. The President may assign other duties to the Treasurer.

Section 6 The Assistant Treasurer
The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer as needed and act as Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer.

Section 6 The Recording Secretary
The Recording Secretary shall keep complete minutes of all meetings of the Society and shall report these minutes at the next meeting of the Society. The President may assign other duties to the Recording Secretary.

Section 7 The Correspondence Secretary
The Correspondence Secretary is responsible for all official correspondence from the Society. including letters or cards to new members, contributors and donors. Any authorized subcommittee, at their discretion, may handle their own correspondence as long as copies are provided to the Correspondence Secretary. The President may assign other duties to the Correspondence Secretary.

Section 8 The Audit Financial Review/Oversight Committee
The President shall appoint, at the last Board meeting of the year, a Audit Financial Review/Oversight Committee. This committee will be composed of three Society members who are not elected officers. The Audit Financial Review/Oversight Committee will serve from the time of appointment until the time of its report at the first required Board meeting of the following year. The Audit Financial Review/Oversight Committee members shall appoint their own chairman.

Section 9 The Membership Chair
The President shall appoint a Membership Chair, and assistant as necessary. Their DutiesThe Membership Chair shall be to handle all membership cards, and keep a list of all members in good standing, and follow up on membership renewals. The President may assign other duties to the Membership Chair.

Section 11 The Refreshment Chair
The President shall appoint a Refreshment Chair, and assistant as necessary. The duties are to arrange for suitable refreshments at meetings, receive and record all monies donated at meetings for refreshments, keep proper records and report the results at the next Board meeting.

Any article or section of the Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote at any General meeting provided the change has been proposed at a previous Board meeting.

In any matter not covered by these Bylaws, the parliamentary authority shall be Robert’s Rule of Order, Revised.