Saturday August 14, 2010


Saturday August 14, 2010 10:00am

Ely Stage Stop

Officers and Directors present:  Phil Smoley, Tom Pelandini, Patricia Wilson, Vi Smoley, Bonnie Skee, Jean Beeson, Kevin Engle, Jackie Ridgel and Florence Peck.

Committee members present:  Greg Dills, Valerie Onellion, Mildred Pickersgill and Melissa Bentley.

Guests present:  Kim Clymire, Dana Smalley, Greg Blinn, Linda Drake, Pat & Bill Vulgaris, KC Patrick, John Smoley, John & Cheyenne Parker, Catherine Quistgard, Vonn Fuqua and Amy Baxter.

President Phil Smoley brought the meeting to order at 10am.

The minutes of the June 12th board meeting were accepted as submitted.

Guest, Pat Vulgaris, asked to have a committee set up to review the by-laws of the LCHS.  Phil requested it to be carried over to the next board meeting.  Phil asked KC Patrick to compile a list of LCHS activities and what the by-law committee will be addressing.

Ely Stage Stop Special Report:  Kim Clymire, our Lake County Public Services Director, updated us on the progress of the Ely project.  He gave a time line beginning in 2004 when Bob Romigiuere met with county staff and agreed to contact Andy Beckstoffer for a donation.

The entire 5 acre parcel has been fenced and a beautiful wraparound porch with knotty pine underneath was added to the building.  The interior will have wainscoting up 4 feet and wall paper above.  Kim introduced Dana Smalley as the contractor who has been in charge of the project.  Dana explained why current materials have been used and that removing the lead based paint would be cost prohibitive.

Greg Dills told us of his Ely Stage Stop committee, some real movers and shakers of the community, that he enlisted from the Kelseyville Pear Festival committee last year.  Due to Greg’s connections, Jackson Equipment out of Middletown cut the roads that were needed at the site free of charge.  Greg is ready to move forward on the first barn.  Kelseyville Lumber gave him an estimate of $12,000 for building materials and $4,000 for the pad.

Greg also reported that a 4000 gallon poly water tank has been donated and Lake County Special Districts has donated a 5000 gallon redwood tank that can be used as a façade.

A new LCHS member, Amy Baxter, who is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers revealed her interest to be on the Ely committee.  Kevin moved to allow Amy to be on the committee, Phil seconded and the motion carried.  Amy described herself as a very talented designer.

Kevin inquired about article 38 regarding historical buildings or historical districts in Lake County.  John Parker, who is our liaison to the County Heritage Commission, reported that article 38 was set up to review sites that may be of historical interest.  Since the Ely Stage Stop building was relocated from its original location, it is not clear if it would fall under this article.

Kevin moved to have Jackie write a letter to the County of Lake, the Board of Supervisors and the Heritage Commission to designate Ely as historically significant, Florence seconded.  Tom requested we postpone this until the next meeting.

Tom also explained that any item needed to be voted on needs to be on the Agenda.

Board of Directors meeting:  Our next meeting has been rescheduled to September 18th, 2010 at 10am, location to be determined.

Insurance review:  Bonnie reported that since we no longer have the Upper Lake Clubhouse, we can drop that location and change the total business personal property to $30,000 coverage at the Nice Clubhouse.  We have a little over $20,000 in book inventory.  It is understood that the historical artifacts we have are uninsurable as we would not be able to replace them.  This change would reduce our annual premium with the Hartford from $1517 to $1000.  Jean moved to approve, Patricia seconded and the motion carried.

Calpine 50th anniversary:  Calpine will include our name in their celebration.

LCHS Logo:  Phil tabled that item until the next board meeting.

Books:  Jean’s account of the June picnic showed we had 66 members and 13 guests in attendance.  The opportunity drawing raised $100 which goes toward the Scholarship program.  Our wholesale book orders were $2093.50 from the Visitors Center, $285.58 from Watershed Books and $330.84 from the Friends of the Museum.

At the July 3rd event at Austin Park in Clearlake a total of $125.92 was collected from book sales, memberships and trinkets.

Damaged Books:  Shall we donate or recycle?  Jean feels they should be destroyed because they were paid for by the developer whose actions caused the flooding.  Phil suggested he may be able to get written approval from the developer to do as we see fit.  Jean also has concerns that if they are donated it may interfere with our book sales.  It was suggested we get a stamp stating “not for resale-damaged goods” and donated by the LCHS.  Bonnie motioned to approve donating them if Phil gets a written OK from the developer, Vi seconded and the motion carried.

Lake County Fair:  September 2nd through 5th, the theme is “Fun for the whole herd”.  We will be setting up on August 30th and the 31st at 10am.  Volunteers welcome.

Bluegrass Festival:  September 11th at Anderson Marsh.  See Jean Beeson for details.

Pear Festival:  The Kelseyville Pear Festival is September 25th.  Please volunteer to work a shift by contacting Valerie or Melissa.

Our next General Membership meeting was rescheduled from September 26th to October 3rd, location to be determined.

Herndon Cemetery:  Phil visited the site with Kevin.  Kevin was asked to go through Phil in the future before going to see Kim Clymire or the Board of Supervisors.  Anyone appearing on behalf of the Historical Society must be approved by our board.

Treasurers report:  Our certificate of deposit at Savings Bank is $42,283.56.  The Westamerica checking account has a balance of $3766.  Recent expenditures were costs for the Pomo $938.92, postage for the Pomo $153 and an Insurance premium of $916.60.  The State Farm Bank money market account balance is $104,951.45 which is set aside for the Ely project.

Florence also reported that we recently switched to Quick Books for bank accounts and for memberships, which is more user friendly.  Florence is sending the registration for our nonprofit raffles.

Mildred asked that the bulk mail permit be moved from Kelseyville to Lakeport.  Florence will take care of that to be effective 1/1/2011.  The post office box in Kelseyville for Michael Anderson will not be renewed.  Jean requested we pay current and 2011 membership dues for Michael Anderson who was in charge of the Pomo for 10 years.  All were in agreement.

Membership:  Nothing to report as Nick was not in attendance.

Website:  Tom & Phil will try to meet with George Stimson.

Nice Clubhouse:  A crew of 12 to 14 people moved all the items from the Upper Lake Clubhouse to Nice.  Valerie and KC Patrick went through the items and they are enlisting some of the long time members to get together to see what should be kept and what to do with the rest.

Jackie volunteered to be in charge of the photo albums.

Pomo Bulletin:  KC Patrick has volunteered for the Pomo job.  Melissa Bentley is also interested.  Phil appointed KC, Melissa and Mildred to take on the job at this time.

The County of Lake will be 150 years old on May 20, 2011.  Mildred is working on that celebration.

Meeting adjourned at 1pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Skee


Annual Picnic, Sunday, June 27, 2010


Annual Picnic, Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lakeside County Park , 1-4pm

Our President, Randy Ridgel, officially announced his resignation at our annual picnic.  He has served the Historical Society for many years and is ready to step down and hopefully do some travelling.

Also our Second Vice President, Michael Anderson, has resigned due to health reasons.  The June, 2010 Pomo Bulletin will be the last publication for Michael.  He has been in charge of the Pomo for 10 years and has done an excellent job.

Randy nominated Tom Pelandini as Second Vice President and Phil Smoley as President.  A motion was made and seconded and Phil and Tom were elected.  Lake County Historian and long time Historical Society member, Ruby Glebe, swore them into office.

We are looking forward to working with both of them.

Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Skee




SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 2010 1:00PM




Officers and Directors present:  Jean Beeson, Vi Smoley, Bonnie Skee, Floraine Chalk, Jackie Ridgel, Florence Peck, Ruby Glebe and Kevin Engle.

Committee Chairs and Guests present:  Valerie Onellion, Patricia Wilson, Mildred Pickersgill, Tony Marchese, George Stimson, Melissa Bentley, Catherine Quistgard and Vonn Fuqua.

The meeting was called to order at 1:15pm by 1st Vice President, Jean Beeson.

Patricia led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of April 10, 2010 Board Meeting and the April 25, 2010 General Meeting were opened for discussion.  Jean advised that she actually hired Mr Fixit to install the sink, not repair it as was reported.  Patricia made a motion to accept the minutes , Florence seconded and the motion carried.

Treasurers Report:  Florence reported that the Ely account balance is $107,924.71.  $1500 was paid out this past month to pay the architect for drawing up the plans for the first barn.  Our checking account balance is $1847.55.  Recent paid outs from that account were to pay for the furnace, the storage shed and the sink at the Clubhouse.  We did receive a refund of $180 from Blue Star Gas.

Our certificate of deposit at Savings Bank is $42,283.56.

Year to date we have collected $1513 for memberships.  Book sales year to date through May, 2010 are $2538.  $183 was collected for the Scholarship fund at the Blue Lakes General Membership meeting thanks to Floraine Chalk.

Jackie inquired about the 2 x 4’s that were on the invoice for the storage shed for $71.04.  We didn’t get those items and should be reimbursed for them.  Jean will look into that.  Those items were needed but they were 18 feet long and could not be transported with a pickup truck.

Audit:  Tony Marchese and Mildred Pickersgill completed the 2008 audit on April 30, 2010.   Some areas of concern that they noted are our book “inventory appears to be high with a turnover of approximately one year, which means that total yearly sales is equal to the year-end inventory.  While some books are fast sellers, some books may be slow movers.  Usually, the book distributor gives larger discounts for larger orders and the profit margin is more attractive, however, books in storage for a year or years does not age well.  Recommend that sales velocity be taken into consideration when ordering inventory.”   Also the book orders should be paid upon presentation of invoice by the distributor and not by a purchase order or verbal request.  The person in charge of book orders should not pay for them personally and then get reimbursed.

Any checks issued to LCHS members shall be for incidental purchases and for amounts less than $200 and must be accompanied by receipts.

The audit committee noted that the LCHS does not carry Director and Officer Liability Insurance.  Bonnie will get a quote on that.

The LCHS conducts raffles.  There are no nonprofit raffle reports on file.  “A separate report must be completed for each raffle conducted during a reporting year (September 1 through August 31).”  These reports are due on or before September 1. (California Penal Code section 320.5).

Mildred asked that the Treasurer provide a Profit and Loss for each Board Meeting for the period on one page, in order that the Board members could understand, at a glance the financial receipts and expenditures for that period.

Jean reported that our long time president, Randy Ridgel, has resigned.  Michael Anderson has also resigned due to health problems.  The nominating committee made up of Jean Beeson, Florence Peck and Bonnie Skee made a motion to appoint Phil Smoley as interim president and Tom Pelandini as second vice president to fill Michael Anderson’s position.  Kevin seconded and the motion carried.

Patricia Wilson has been appointed co-clubhouse chair.  We still need someone to fill the other half of the position.  Jean reported that Randy appointed Melissa Bentley and Valerie Onellion to be co-events chairs.

Scholarships:  Tony Marchese announced the 2 $500 LCHS scholarships for 2010.  Katherine Murphy from Kelseyville High School was awarded $500 for her essay titled “The History of Tourism in Beautiful Lake County”.  The second scholarship went to Andrea White of Lower Lake High School for her essay titled “Lake County, A Commemoration of 2 Million Years of Bountiful History”.  Congratulations to both.

Jackie suggested putting a photo and a copy of the essay in the Pomo.  We should also get the information to the local newspapers.

Books:  Wholesale books for May were $306.26.  Jean advised that she received an order yesterday from the Lake County Visitor Center for 216 books totaling $2093.50.

Herndon Cemetery:   Kevin sent around a petition to present to the Board of Supervisors to maintain the grounds at Herndon Cemetery as promised.  The Lower Lake Fire Chief is writing a letter for Kevin to take to the BOS meeting.  Kevin made a motion for the corresponding secretary to compose a letter to the BOS, Jean seconded and the motion carried.

Photo & Location Project:  George had nothing to report at this time.

Website:  George asked Kevin to help look for someone to help with the website including PayPal.

Jackie said that she knows of 2 men who may be able and willing to take on the Digitization project.  She will discuss it with the interim president.

A map cabinet was donated by Mike Weeden.  It is currently at the Upper Lake Clubhouse.

Blue Lakes General Meeting Report:  Florence reported we raised $183 from the opportunity drawing.  We had 123 people in attendance.  Three new memberships were recorded and 4 renewals.  Kevin gave owners of the Lodge at Blue Lakes a copy of the video per their request.

Kevin also received a request via Greg Dills for a copy of the video of the Ely Stage Stop move.  He has taken care of that but suggested that we upgrade to a digital video camera.  The video camera we currently have is a high eight model.  Kevin will get a quote for us and we will discuss it further at the next meeting.

Yard Sale Report:   Patricia reported that we made $250.85 on items sold that had been donated to us.  The table and space rentals were $140 for a total of $390.85.  We also sold 13 Pomo’s totaling $39.  It was a very successful event.

Wild West Day:  Valerie reported 13 books sold for $160.95, 2 Pomo’s for $6, 3 new memberships and 2 renewals.

The Pomo’s have been catalogued and 5 of each have been put in plastic containers.  Floriane suggested that a copy of each Pomo from now on be taken to Sutter Lakeside Hospital.  All agreed.

Mildred has been making an index of articles in the Pomo’s for some time.  Valerie recommended we get that printed out for events.

Storage Shed:  Thanks to Nick Vogetly, Tony Marchese, Greg Bloom and Linda, Randy Ridgel and Phil Smoley, the storage shed has been erected and is being used for books.  Kevin wanted it known that he was alarmed and irritated that the shed purchase was approved without all board members polled.  He is also upset that we still do not have a final dollar amount for the cost of it.

Upper Lake Clubhouse:  The Gladys Brayer collection has been moved.  Greg Dills is still trying to get the County to let us keep the location and possibly find another place for the Shriner’s to meet.

The annual LCHS general membership picnic will be June 27, 2010 at Lakeside Park between Lakeport and Kelseyville from 1 to 4pm.  Our speakers will be Eric Seely reporting on the Ely Stage Stop Project and Nick Vogetly on the Gulf Oil Spill.

Jean requested that guests be charged $5 at the picnic.  Jackie made a motion to that effect, Valerie seconded and the motion carried.  Ruby Glebe and Floraine Chalk, two of our long time members and directors, objected to charging anyone.  They explained that the Historical Society has welcomed guests at the annual picnic as a way to get the public interested.  The motion was revised to say a donation would be appreciated.

Meeting was adjourned at 4pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Skee