Meeting Minutes: 3/2/13

Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday March 2, 2013
Calpine Visitor Center, Middletown, Ca
Directors, Board Members and Committee Chairs present: Phil Smoley, Catherine Quistguard, John Parker, George Stimson, Patricia Wilson, Vi Smoley, Kevin Engle, Floraine Chalk, Nick Voegtly, Val Onellion, Bonnie Skee, and Jackie & Randy Ridgel.

Guests present: Vonn Fuqua, Pete & Mary Chappars, Nina Buska and Lola Westridge.

President Phil Smoley brought the meeting together at Calpine at 10:30am after visiting the Middletown Library. John led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of the November 10, 2012 Board Meeting and the November 18, 2012 General Membership meeting were opened for discussion. Nick moved to approve, Jackie 2nd and they were approved.

Again we have no Treasurer present. Linda Lake has volunteered to take over that job from Florence Peck and they are working on the transition. Kevin suggested we may need to change our board meetings from Saturday to another day to accommodate Linda’s schedule as she works on Saturday as does our Pomo Bulletin editor, Jan Cook.

The by-law committee consisting of Phil, Catherine, Vonn and Kevin are still working on changes they will be submitting to the board. Jackie asked about an assistant treasurer. That is one of the changes the by-law committee is suggesting we eliminate. Also the Events Chair and the Refreshment Chair may be eliminated from the by-laws.

Ely Website Update: Docent, Pete Chappars reported that he is meeting with Bit Sculptor on Monday to fine tune the website which is The LCHS website is The Historical Society website is to educate and the Ely website is mainly to get visitors. Nick advised that he received a smug mug report stating we had 6 orders (photos).

Catherine was contacted by Larry Robey who wants to sell us a movie about the Resort industry, specifically Austin Beach. John said we need more information unless he is willing to give it to us. If he wants to sell it we would need to be able to preview it first then decide.

Kevin reported that Al Sainsbury, a local photographer in Lower Lake, has offered to convert our videos of speakers from our general membership meetings to CD’s for the price of the CD’s. Kevin made a motion to approve not to exceed $50. John 2nd, Jackie noted that we really shouldn’t approve spending any money until we get a Treasurer’s report, however the motion was approved.
Middletown Library: County Supervisor Jim Comstock offered the Middletown Library building to the LCHS as the new Middletown Library is almost ready for occupancy. The old Library is a historic building and because of its age has several problems including the floor and the bathroom. There is also a termite problem but Kevin says he has spoken to Carolyn Chavez, the Lake County Public Works director, who said the County would take care of the termites.

Kevin feels we should accept the building and use it as a research library and display area. John said archeology digs could then remain in the County. The average utility bill currently is approximately $320 which is open 5 days per week, 5 hours a day. Those in favor of the Middletown Library plan to give up the Nice Clubhouse and move everything from Nice to Middletown. Kevin spoke with the Alarm Company and was told it would only cost us between $100 to $200 to move the alarm system from Nice to Middletown.

Guest Nina Buska from the Middletown Historic Society felt that Mr Comstock offered the building to us too soon as the Middletown group has been waiting for a building for a long time. After much discussion Ms Buska said they would like to work with us on this but didn’t want us to forget Middletown. They are just getting their organization back together and have very few members and no money. The Middletown group will try to get people to help staff the building.

Ely docent Pete Chappars invited Nina and Lolo Westridge to their next Ely committee meeting.

John proposed to approve the concept of the HS taking on the Middletown Library with final plans to be subject to financial feasibility and being able to work it out with the Middletown group. Nick 2nd the motion carried.

Scholarships: Tony Marchese polled the board by phone who agreed we would offer one $500 scholarship again this year.

Phil brought up the subject of the number of piano’s we have acquired. We have 2 at the Nice Clubhouse and 2 in Upper Lake that need to be moved very soon. John suggested we keep 1 and sell the rest. All agreed we will accept no more pianos. The most recent one that Kevin thought the people donated, may actually go back to the donor as we didn’t get the proper paperwork. Greg Dills may want the player piano for the Ely Stage Stop depending on the size of it.

The upcoming General meeting will be March 10th at the Lakeport Courthouse Museum. Phil Smoley will be our speaker.

Our President, Phil Smoley, read a letter stating he would be resigning the end of this year but is hopeful we can find a replacement before then. His work and many other obligations just don’t give him enough time to do them all. Therefore a nominating committee will be needed.

Books: Vi Smoley reported that we have had sales of over $500 recently from the 2 local museums.

Ely Stage Stop & Country Museum: The barn is really coming along and is ready for siding. The catered dinner they had last October made an $1800 profit which went back to the HS for partial payment of the Stage that was purchased last year for $5000. Great job!

Our Pomo Bulletin editor, Jan Cook, is working with Elizabeth Larson of Lake County News to print articles from our older Pomo Bulletin’s. All were in favor of that collaboration.

Events: Val mentioned that she needs business cards and membership cards. She will look into that either by having an individual or Pac & Mail print them.

Membership Report: Nick reported we have 345 current members.

Meeting adjourned at 1:50pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Bonnie Skee