Meeting Minutes: 8/11/14

Board Meeting – Saturday August 9, 2014
Lakeport Courthouse Museum 10am

Board members present: Voris Brumfield, John Parker, Coleen Blakey, Jackie Ridgel, Bonnie Skee, Patricia Wilson, Val Onellion, Kevin Ness, Bob Kauffman & Phil Smoley.

Committee Chairs & Guests present: Greg Dills, Kevin Engle & Vonn Fuqua.

The meeting was called to order at 10:03am by President Voris Brumfield who also led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of the June 7th board meeting and the June 22nd picnic were opened for discussion. John moved to approve as written, Patricia 2nd and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Coleen provided us with a Profit & Loss statement from January to July 2014. There were several questions related to Ely Stage Stop. Vonn asked Coleen to divide the expenses to show what is actually being spent for Ely. Coleen agreed to let Ely know what checks are written each month for Ely. Voris commented that Ely is not supporting itself. Actually the Historical Society, including Ely is spending about twice as much as we are taking in.

Per Voris’s recommendation, Bonnie moved to allow Coleen to move $3000 from our money market account to our checking account, Val 2nd and was approved.

Ely Stage Stop & Country Museum: Greg passed out a project list. They need to install batten to the outside of the barn to get a final on the permit. The cost for that is approximately $1400. Ely would like to get an additional banner to fly when open and is in need of eight 8 foot tables. Greg received a quote on the tables for $1323 plus tax. Bob advised that the Gibson Museum needs tables also and he found 21 guaranteed for life 8 foot tables at Costco for $2000. Bob will look into that further and we can split the cost with Gibson. Bob is willing to pick them up. Gibson would keep what they need and the rest would be stored on the rack at Ely.

Greg asked if we want to continue to pay $125 per month for the portable toilet & wash station. A discussion ensued as to how to pay for it. One suggestion was to take some of the donations from the Ely Fiddlers Jam to cover the cost, but that was not decided yet. Bob suggested we build a restroom down by the barn as it would eventually pay for itself if we didn’t spend $125 a month on the rental.

Greg also reported we have donations in the amount of $3500 for the Blacksmith shop and would like matching funds from the Ely fund. John moved to approve $10,000 for the above items and projects, Bonnie 2nd. Coleen felt the cost of the tables is too high but the motion was approved.

Gibson Museum: Bob contacted an electrician regarding the knob and tube wiring and is hopeful that will be replaced soon. A lock box has been installed at Gibson and Bob said their monthly expenses are about $500. They are also looking into getting the roof repaired. Visitation has been low and they are considering a wavy sign. The Gibson hours are now 1 to 5pm on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. A fund raising yard sale is planned for September.

Lake County Fair: Set up will be Monday August 25th at 10am and tear down will be September 1st at 9am. Bonnie is in charge of sign-up sheets for fair volunteers.

Events: Val reported that events have not been very profitable this year. We have spent more than we have sold at these events and we are in need of fund raising events. Val will help with the LC Fair and the Pear Festival in Kelseyville. After those 2 events she is resigning the Events Chair position.

Books: Phil reported we had $537 in book sales which includes wholesale & retail.

Membership report: We now have 344 members of which 109 are lifetime. Nick reports that we collected $257 at the annual picnic which were mostly memberships, $90 was from guests for dinner. We also had $590 for new and renewal members from July 7th through August 6th.

It was suggested we give new members a copy of our book “Indian Lore” due to the fact that we have an abundance of those books. Nick said the letters to delinquent members were good but didn’t say if any of them renewed. Voris suggested sending a newsletter 3 times per year.

Vonn agreed to write a letter to be sent to current members asking for donations. She will send it to Phil in hopes that it can be distributed October 2014.

Digitization: Kevin advised that the County of Lake is handling the digitization. John spent time with Linda Lake and found that her budget had been cut by $60,000. John moved that he will write a letter of support for the Museum in hopes of getting more funds, it was 2nd & approved.

Nice Clubhouse: Voris will notify the County that we are giving up the clubhouse effective November 1st. Several people offered their help moving with the date to be determined. Patricia will notify the alarm company and arrange to disconnect that service. The office part of the LCHS is finally moving into one of the upstairs rooms in the Ely Stage Stop.

Kevin E brought up the fact that the Lucerne Visitors Center is closing and has a repository. If the Genealogy Society gets that building possibly the HS could collaborate with them.

The AASLH membership of $110 is due. John moved to approve that expenditure, Val 2nd and all approved.

Our next General Membership meeting will be September 21st 1:30pm at the Middletown Community Center. Jackie asked if it would be possible to tour the Stone House the same day. Voris will check on that. John Parker will be our speaker.

The next board meeting will be October 11th at the Lower Lake Schoolhouse Museum.

Meeting adjourned at 11:57am.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Skee