Meeting Minutes 8/8/13


Board Meeting, August 8, 2013

Lakeport Courthouse Museum

Present:  Phil Smoley, Jan Cook, Linda Lake, Greg Dills, Kevin Ness, Kevin Engle, Catherine Quistgard, Floraine Chalk, Nick Voegtly, Vonn Fuqua, Vi Smoley, John Parker, Ruby Glebe and Bonnie Skee.

The minutes of the June 8, 2013 board meeting and the June 30, 2013 general meeting were opened for discussion, John moved to approve as written, Catherine 2nd, approved.

We recently lost Randy Ridgel who was a great friend and long-time president of the Historical Society.  His service is planned for Sunday, August 11th, at the Little Theater located at the Lakeport Fairgrounds.  Greg Dills suggested a bronze plaque for Randy to place at the Ely Stage Stop and Country Museum.  Kevin Ness agreed to do the plaque for us at a reduced price.  Phil will ask for donations Sunday for the plaque, subject to approval of the family.

Treasurers Report:  Linda Lake reported that we have $2707.26 in our Westamerica Bank account and $79,434.37 in our money market account at State Farm Bank.  This was Linda’s first month and she reported that she received bills for the month of $5117.  Our total income was $4815.12.

Our AT&T bill for the Nice Clubhouse is $100 per month and the bill for Ely is $72 per month.  John moved to terminate our AT&T service for Nice which includes the phone and internet, Bonnie seconded.  It was approved subject to verification that they will transfer our calls to Ely.  Phil will handle that.  Linda also has a bill for our security systems for $156 for 2 months, which is much higher than we were led to believe.  She will check with AES to find out exactly how much we are paying.

Linda is going to check with Tony Marchese to help make a budget.  Linda also mentioned that we may need to hire someone to help her with the parts of the job she is unsure of such as taxes and quick books.  She talked to Jonathan Meyer who is a bookkeeper and said he would charge $15 per hour and we may need him about 3 hours per week.  Nothing was decided yet.

Linda had some concerns about the membership forms received from Nina in Middletown.  Gibson Library is using their own form and it is very confusing.  Phil will send the Historical Society form to the Gibson group asking them to use our form.

Membership Report:  Nick presented a report showing what has been collected beginning the June 30, 2013 picnic.  We have collected $951 in membership and donations.  We have 356 active members of which 3 are complimentary and 116 are life members.  Also included in that number are 37 whose dues are overdue and 10 which expire in August, thus we have 200 paying members.

By-Law task force:  The new by-laws were approved at the last general meeting.

Nominating committee:  The nominating committee will consist of Phil, John and Bonnie.  Our first meeting will be August 22, 2013 5:30pm at Phil’s office.

Ely Stage Stop & Country Museum:  Greg reported that the County is going to start working on a pad for the Cable Car next Monday.  Greg is trying to get the electrical run down to the barn.  He got a quote of $1000 just for the conduit and is not sure how much is left in the Ely fund since we still have not received all of the information needed from Florence.  John moved to appropriate up to $3000 to get electricity to the barn, Nick 2nd and the motion was approved.

Greg received a call from Elizabeth Paddock and she is sending a check for $1000 which must be used only for a blacksmith shop.  Greg feels our next building will be the blacksmith shop and it will probably go up in 2 stages.  Possibly a pole barn will be built to start.

Raffle tickets for the picnic table are for sale for $5 each or 5 for $20.

Books:  Vi reported year to date book sales of $1211.50.  We need to get everything back from Jean Beeson who formally handled the books.  Jean recently ordered 50 Postal History books, which we did need, at a cost of $456.

Pomo Bulletin:  Jan reported that the October issue will have at least 1 scholarship essay included.  She will also include a tribute to Randy Ridgel.  Jan asked if we could sell copies of the Pomo’s at the museums.

Upcoming Events:  The Lake County Fair will be August 29th through September 1st.  Bonnie is in charge of the sign-up sheet.

The Pear Festival is September 28th and we will discuss that at our next meeting.

Kevin Engle said he is working on digitization.

Our next Board meeting is September 14th and our next General meeting has been changed to October 6th.   Possible speaker is Deb Clark of Nice.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Skee