Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010 10:00am

Nice Clubhouse, 3000 Lakeshore Blvd, Nice


Directors, Officers and Committee Chairs present:  Mildred Pickersgill, Phil Smoley, Tom Pelandini, Patricia Wilson, Valerie Onellion, Melissa Bentley, Ruby Glebe, Nick Voegtly, Vi Smoley, Jean Beeson, Bonnie Skee, KC Patrick and Kevin Engle.

Guest present:  Vonn Fuqua.

The meeting was brought to order by President Phil Smoley at 10:05am.  Tom Pelandini led us in the pledge of allegiance.

The minutes of August 14, 2010 were opened for discussion.  Jean moved to accept the minutes as presented, Vi seconded and the motion carried.

Lake County Fair Report:  Jean reported that we took in $413.75 at the fair.  Included in that amount were 25 books sold for $320.75.  This does not include memberships, which were not available.

Bluegrass Festival:  A total of $265.75 was collected which includes $80 for memberships.

Our next General Membership meeting will be October 3rd at the Grace Evangelical Free Church on Live Oak Dr in Kelseyville.  Our main speaker will be Don Anderson who will discuss the murder of Lake County Deputy Sheriff Richard Hellbush in 1981.  Phil will try to contact anyone that was involved and invite them to take part.

Nominating Committee:  Phil asked former president Ruby Glebe to be on the committee and she agreed.  Phil will contact Randy Ridgel and Tony Marchese to see if they will serve along with one other person they can appoint.  All of the Board seats are up for election as is District 5 Director.  Phil appointed Valerie Onellion to be District 2 Director as that spot has been vacant.

Jean motioned to give Michael Anderson an honorary life membership and Val seconded.  After discussing that we no longer sell life memberships, we were all in agreement that we can give one with approval of the board.  Jean is in charge of getting a plaque for Michael and for Randy Ridgel.  We approved spending up to $100 for the 2 plaques to be presented at the Thanksgiving meeting.

Pomo:  As previously announced, KC Patrick will be the editor of the Pomo and will work closely with Melissa Bentley and Mildred Pickersgill.  Ruby Glebe is also working with that group.

Due to the previous board decision to add the membership chair as a voting member, Phil will ask Jackie Ridgel to rewrite the by-laws as that was voted on and approved at the General Membership meeting April 25, 2010.

Phil has requested that the video camera and equipment be brought to the Nice Clubhouse.  A discussion of giving videos of meetings to TV8 was launched.  There was no decision on that, but it will be considered at a later date.  Phil will contact Kevin Engle and Donna Howard to return any and all videos they have that belong to LCHS.

The video camera we have is 7 or 8 years old.  We will consider purchasing a new camera at a later date.

Website:  A website task force was formed consisting of George Stimson, Phil Smoley, Tom Pelandini, Kevin Engle and Vonn Fuqua.  They will meet on Wednesday, September 29th at Phil’s office.  They requested a wish list of what we would like to see on the website.  Jean told of her frustration for selling books and memberships online.  Vonn Fuqua will get the information on non-profit websites to Phil before the meeting.

Disposition of items from Upper Lake Clubhouse:  Valerie is getting a group together to determine the disposition of those items, date to be determined.

Membership Update:  Nick advised the quick books program is just not working for him and Florence.  KC volunteered to work with them as she is familiar with that program

Nice Clubhouse:  A discussion of converting the kitchen to a commercial site for fundraisers was raised.  Tom advised we would need a business plan for that to be considered.  Jean checked with the County Health Department who informed her we would need a 4 compartment sink and a refrigerator that would hold large pans at 30 degrees.  It was estimated that we would need to serve at least 150 people to make a reasonable profit.  The building is just not large enough.  Kevin disagrees and says we can get a lot more people in there than we think.  Kevin will get some information as will Phil and Tom.

Phil will follow up with Kim Clymire about the County re-roofing the building before the rains start.

The Board approved spending up to $100 for curtains for the clubhouse.  Patricia is in charge of that.  Patricia also asked about getting garbage service, no action taken.   Kevin noted that the front door is unsafe and can easily be broken into.  Valerie will work on a door plate.  The picnic tables in front will be moved to Ely.

Kevin is currently enrolled at Yuba College to obtain a Servsafe Certificate that is required to operate a commercial kitchen.  Nick moved to reimburse Kevin the $100 fee he paid for the course once he gets the certificate, Patricia seconded and the motion was approved.  We may or may not need that designation but it will be good to have even if we do barbeques at the Ely site.

Tom reminded us that we need to notify him of proposed agenda items.

Books:   Nothing to report.

Events:  The Kelseyville Pear Festival is scheduled for the last Saturday in September.  Val is accepting signups for that event.

Our Thanksgiving dinner will be either November 14th or the 21st.  Phil and Tom are looking for a location and will let us know.

Herndon Cemetery:  Kevin said the County mowed the weeds and grass the minimum required clearance of 100 feet.

Patricia Wilson has done a remarkable job of cleaning the clubhouse, especially the kitchen.  Thank you Patricia.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Skee